Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dominic Statham in Bulgaria

Today Dominic Statham, the author of "Evolution: Science or Ideology" is due to arrive in Sofia. It seems that some flights have been cancelled in northern England due to the ash cloud coming from the volcano which errupted in Iceland. Hopefully it won't delay Dominic's flight. Here is the info about his events in Bulgaria:


Thursday – arrival (to be collected from airport by Itso and Peter

Friday – 19 hrs, BHSS office, lecture (45 + 15 min + questions time)

Saturday – 18 hrs, Baptist Youth meeting, lecture (45 +15 min. + questions)

Sunday – free

Monday – free

Tuesday – 11:20, lecture, NBU (50 min. + 20 mins. for questions)

- 18 hrs, lecture, Medical Uni (50 mins + 20 mins for questions)


Thursday – 10 am, press-conference, Youth Hall

- 18 pm, Sermon at the Pentecostal Church


19 p.m. follow up meeting with students