Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Volcano Eruption, Project Training & Missionary Trip

Due to the Iceland volcano eruption Dominic couldn't fly to Bulgaria and give his lectures in Sofia and Varna. We had a skype call and agreed for postponing his visit for October 2010. After so much has been done in both cities, it's a pity we couldn't have him and invite friends to the events. Anyway, the change in plans can work out for good. A few more months mean better organisation and more invitations to students.

Tomorrow I am leaving for Sofia with Vanya in order to attend a Youth in Action Programme training on running and administering projects. On the next day we leave for Sofia together with the Sofia team of students who are joining me for the Moldova trip. Then on Saturday, God willing, we leave for Moldova! We are going to visit a few villages and cities, including the capital Chisinau. The goal of our trip: to show God's love to the Bulgarian diaspora, to give evangelistic lectures and talks at universities and high schools and get in touch with future students in Bulgaria who come from Moldova.

On the picture: the front cover of our Missionary trip diary, done by Radica Aleksovska.