Monday, April 12, 2010

Missionary Trip

My daughters returned the other day from a missionary trip to Assenovgrad (in the Rhodopes mountains). They spent 5 days there, visiting local churches, an orphanage and other places. They went there as a part of the teenage group at our church. They did different dances and gave testimonies to the congregations and the children in the orphanage.

They have been especially blessed by their stay in a Bulgarian Turkish Church. They couldn't understand anything from the sermon as it all was in Turkish. But By the end of the service they were given the floor to share testimonies. When Debi went on stage she was touched by the Spirit and afterwards many people thanked them and prayed in twos in the room. Some shed tears and hugged each other.

Yesterday the teenagers gave a report at our church. Debi also spoke - she said it was great to see how God is working in people in other places, who are so different than us.

It is a strange feeling to know that our children have already grown up and are being used by God for the Kingdom. At the same time we are so thankful that they have chosen this narrow way and narrow door in their lives.