Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Where do old Bulgarians come from?

Until recently we all believed the old Soviet propaganda which said that Bulgarians were just a small Turkic horde that came on the Balkan peninsula and united the many Slavs here, founding the Bulgarian kingdom. We thougt they were nomads and wondered why in our modern language there are virtually no traces of old Bulgarian words (and still, it differs so much from other Slavic languages), why we are Caucasian type of people and how come a small horde could subjugate so many Slavic tribes, provided it had been even less advanced.

Now historians (mostly Petar Dobrev) have discovered an amazing thing: Bulgarians have come from Pamir in cenral Asia, not from Siberia. They were Arian, lived in big cities, developed agriculture and were just pressed to migrate north and west, together with other less developed nomadic peoples. Bulgaria is described by some Arabian, Chinese and Greek historians as "The land of the thousand cities" and their main city, Balkh. There are historical records saying it was there at least in the 7th century BC. For about several centuries Bulgarians were part of the Persian empire but kept developing within it as a nation. They moved north of the Black sea and Azov sea due to attacks of other peoples in the 1 century AD. Then created the Old Great Bulgaria which later (5 century) split into 4 parts - Volga Bulgaria, Panonian Bulgaria, Kuber's Bulgaria and Bulgaria of Asparuh (what is now modern Bulgaria). They even had their own alphabet (runic one) and they believed in the sun god "Y", but also in the god of the moon and the 5 planets (the Seventh). They were known to be hospitable and noble of character.

There are already many historical facts and proofs for this new hypotesis. So, why this is still not known to most Bulgarians? Because the old Bulgarian historians still would not admit their mistake and thus become vulnerable from public derision. Today the biggest Bulgarian Newspaper "Trud" published an article about the new findings of the Bulgarian origins. The truth will slowly pull down the fortresses of delusion and conquer the minds. That has to happen. Not in order to be used for nationalistic goals but in order for us to see where we come from. Maybe this way we will know better where to go from here.

Another delusion today was heralded by Dawkin's book The God Delusion. Like him, many Bulgarians think that Jesus was just a great moral teacher. Others even think he was a myth, still others believe he is just a personification of the great Consciousness (Brahman), like many others. Yet, the Truth that Jesus was God's Son come in human flesh will one day brought home to all people. The fortresses of all delusions will crumble down. And we will all see the Truth that there is a personal God who made himself known through the person of Jesus Christ and will come to judge us and establish his kingdom. This is a Truth much greater than the truth about the origins of all peoples. It concerns our destiny in eternity. So, let those who have eyes see the Truth!