Monday, March 29, 2010

One week, three children, three competitions

Within a week only our three children took part in some competitions. First Stefan (7) took part in a children's pop song competition in Burgas. He sang in a duo together with a girl and won the bronze medal in his category. Then Monica (10) played for her basketball team "Cherno more" (the Black sea) for the sweeping defeat with 74:18 and 70:24 against Russe and Razgrad, respectively. Finally, Deborah (12) took part in a regional competition in history (she wasn't very happy because this time the questions were pretty difficult). This made me think that interestingly, for now the three of them have found their field of interest in music, sport and science, respectively. I don't know whether they will stick to this for the future. Anyway, it's a blessing to see them doing well in each in their own field.