Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eat, Drink and be a Merry Missionary

Yesterday the student groups in Varna had their Culinary Cruise Party. Our students invited their non-Christian friends to cook together and present the cake or dish they have prepared. Those, who were not able to cook simply got something from the shop. There were about seven new students who came to the event. Many others were invited but refused in the very last moment. Altogether there were about 30 students. Dessi and Alla were MCs to the whole program. They invited each person to come forward and present his or her dish before the rest students tasted it. There was also a jury of 5 students who had to vote for the best dish in several categories: sweetest, most beautiful, the most original one, etc. There were many kinds of cakes, chocolate chip cookies (made by Vanya), fudge, éclairs, potato salad, musaka, other salads, etc. In the end of all the ‘presentations’ we were too full of sweet!

The MCs did really a great job to make people feel comfortable as the whole party took place in our church cafeteria. There were also games: each person had to say one positive and one negative thing about him or herself. Besides, there was a tongue twister competition which really broke the house down!

At the end I was given the floor and I gave a short message on “Jesus as the Bread of Life”. I started by saying that I really like to eat bread, especially soft and just baken bread sprinkled with Bulgarian merudija on top. Since all the people had had too much sweet stuff, they really pictured in their minds this and this helped them follow through very well the rest of the message. After sharing some personal experience from my childhood, I talked about the movie Les Miserables in which Jean Valgean gets imprisoned because he stole a loaf of bread for his starving sister. I suggested that we are all Jean Valgeans who try to steal some bread and get that personal happiness, satisfaction and love we desire only to get again imprisoned by the System. There is only one kind of bread, the Bread of Life, who can set us free. I read John 6:35: “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, he who believes in me will never be thirsty.” I shared my personal testimony about how I ate from this Bread of Life for the first time as a student and then challenged the people to follow suit.

The whole thing lasted about 15 mins and I think the people really listened well. At the end one of the non-Christians, Serzh, told me it had impressed him quite much. Next week we are going to have a movie night, and most of the new-comers said they would come again. Please, pray that the Holy Spirit might continue working in their hearts and that they would join the student group and the church.
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