Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BHSS Leadership Conference Liaskovets 2010

The annual Leadership Conference took place from 5 to 7 March 2010 in Manastira Hotel in Liaskovets. Besides the leaders from Sofia, V. Turnovo, Varna, Pazardzhik and Russe there was a representative of Burgas where there isn’t a group at present, and two Indian students from the Internationals group in Sofia. Unfortunately, the groups in Shumen, Svishtov and Blagoevgrad were not represented at the conference.

The event was opened by the BHSS volunteer in V. Turnovo, Mimi, who encouraged the participants to serve with deeper commitment to their groups by reading grads’ testimonies about their time in BHSS. After the inspiring praise and worship, led by Toshko, every morning Joro and Megi would offer a passage for Bible study in small groups. Afterwards the students were able to get practical skills on leading by giving their feedback to the Bible study leader. In two seminars Trif and Vanya challenged the participants to grow as servants and shepherds for their groups by committing to serve with insight and foresight, and to immitate the Good Shepherd in leading their groups. The Training by Experience Session, led by Peter helped the students to learn to take a risk and work as a team. The Panel-discussion with Masks” showed what kind of difficulties lie behind the job of the staff-worker. Peter led another session on “Planning the Semester” and through case studies stressed the importance of Christian students being acquainted with their universities and small groups if they want to be effective messangers of the good news in them. At the end Vanya and Mimi encourated the participants to model thanksgiving and encouragement in the members of their groups. Finally, before leaving, some of the leaders managed to organise mutual exchange of visits with other groups.