Saturday, February 24, 2007

Warm Winter, Hot Schedule

The winter here has been uncommonly warm, I guess the warmest winter I’ve ever seen in Bulgaria. We enjoy the weather and have taken a few walks downtown. At the same time there were many viruses and even schools were closed down for a week because of a virus epidemy. Thank God, we have been well and in good health, apart from some minor deseases. A few days ago Vania was quite ill with a virus, so had high fever and pain in all her muscules. She is doing much better since yesterday.

The kids are OK. Stefan is 4 now and loves to play “guys’ games” with his daddy. So we play soccer, wrestling, arm wrestling and interestingly, the girls also like them! You can see some videos on the youtube address below to know what I mean. We also play other more ‘civilized games’, in case this all sounds too much to some of you J. We continue with our Bible studies each night and it’s getting more and more interesting as they ask now good questions (now and then Deborah even asks me to consult the commentary). Debi (9) likes to read very much and has an ‘adults’ Bible on her own that she reads every morning. The days when she goes to school in the morning she sometimes reads the Bible at 6a.m.! Moni (7) is also getting used to that practice though she can’t read so fast yet. She still loves to do chores and now and then we see her grab the vacuum-cleaner (the hoover) and clean the house, or we find our bed made with a sweet note on it for us. Vanya and I love watching them all learning new stuff almost every day.

Workwise, recently we had 3 important events, so our schedule's been quite 'hot'. We went to a Balkan Staff Consultation in Belgrade, Serbia where we shared what God has been doing in BCSU and learned from other movements’ experience. It was good to show some more videos from our Summer Projects, people enjoyed that. We also taught them a Bulgarian song which was fun.

Before that, we had our staff meeting (see picture). We thanked God for the good start of the academic year and planned and prayed for the new semester and ahead. Our central campaign in the semester will be again the Breakthrough project. Please, pray that our students are bold in sharing the good news through the gospel of John and able to invite many non-Christian students to their Bible studies and to the summer projects. Also, from 2-4 March we are going to have our Leadership conference where we will encourage both active and potential student leaders to learn from Paul’s example in 2 Timothy and serve well their groups. Another central event will be the volunteers training in September.

We also had our Board meeting. It was an important gathering as in April we are going to have our General Assembly and elect a new Board for the next 5 years. I am thankful for the service of this Board. It was the last gathering of this formation of the Board, but again they had to take important decisions. They approved the new budget and also made some provisions for the book ministry and the administration of BCSU.