Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It is a story of shocking injustice. Yet, that’s characteristic of the world we live in. “They are innocent”, Bulgarians on the street claim. “Nobody’s Innocent”, says the Word of God. In God’s eyes, we all deserve to die. And yet, he is patient and mersiful to us, letting us live and enjoy his blessings and grace. It is true that maybe the Bulgarian nurses didn’t do what they are accused to have done. And yet, we all did it. The accummulative effect of each and every sin of ours led to such pandemic curses as cancer, AIDS, wars, global calamities, etc.

So, what should we, Bulgarians, do? Should we deny the nurses have any guilt and keep on chanting against the ‘monstrous Lybians’, these … of modern injustice? Or should we just give it up and let it go as we have done with most of the news of calamities and human suffering and pain we hear about every day on media? I think that there is a third way we could follow, a way that would help us deal with our own sinfulness and this state of disorder in humanity as a whole. It is to accept that we are all sinful, to ask for forgiveness from our Creator and Savior on both individual and corporate level, and then to mobilise all the democratic forces under the cause of justice for the Bulgarian martyrs.

It is a story hard to comprehend. It is shocking. Unjust. Undeserved. Or deserved? At least it will make us think!