Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Let Justice Be Done

The following is a story hard to comprehend. It is shocking. Unjust. Undeserved. Or deserved?

Recently one issue arrested the attention of both media and people in many countries: the death penalty demanded for 5 Bulgarian nurses by a court in Lybia. The reason? The nurses are accused of neglect which led to many children in that hospital being infected with AIDS.

Bulgarians are really shocked and angry because these women have been in jail for 8 years waiting for the verdict. Now they are facing death because Kadafi would not admit that there was AIDS in that hospital even before the Bulgarian came. Many wear a special “You are not alone” sign on their coats and cars. Yesterday some kids at a Bulgarian school painted the Bulgarian flag and that sign on their benches. People demonstrate on streets. The media shows commercials calling for justice to be done. Christians pray in churches. The government demands that the EU Parliament takes measures. And yet, there seems to be no response.