Sunday, September 24, 2006

After the staff meeting

Our staff meeting is over. I thank God for the good and effective time we had together. Besides our old staff, Darena, Tania, Ivo, Craig, Vania and me, we had for the first time with us Violeta and Petyo. Villie is our new administrative director, she is taking over from Ceci in October. Petyo will live and help the work in Sofia but will also coordinate the work in Plovdiv. Plovdiv is just 2 hours away from Sofia so I hope that he will be able to do both.

It was also good to see Craig. He lives in Blagoevgrad now and will be working with both the American and the South-Western universities in the city. He will also coordinate our Probiv (or Breakthrough) evangelistic project so he will be travelling to the other groups to help our students and staff there. Craig and Petyo haven't yet found a place to live, I hope next couple of weeks they will sleep in their own bed!

Other than that, we planned all the events for the semester and the year ahead. We also worked on defining more precisely our purpose statement as a movement. We wrote that
"BCSU is an interdenominational movement that works to spread the gospel and build up committed disciples of Jesus Christ in the academic world".
I suggested a new overall evangelistic strategy and job descriptions that reflect the changes.

Ivo also showed the rest of the staff his new updated version of our website. Everybody liked it so we hope that we will be able to promote it soon for the students.

We had also a good conversation about our relationships. I tried to challenge the staff to support and care for each other, as well as have patience and forgivenes when conflicts arise (something inevitable in team work). I mentioned that when the Bible speaks about friendship it is interested in how we can become good friends rather than how to find good friends. We acknowledged our responsibility to be peace makers and prayed that we have Gods' love to each other.
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