Thursday, September 21, 2006

BCSU Staff-meeting: Prayer requests

From 21-23 September we are having our staff-meeting for planning and prayer in Varna. Here are the things you can pray for:
  • We will discuss our goals and strategy as a movement. We would like to put a bigger stress on our priorities as a student movement rather than do many good things but miss the best.
  • Also, we will plan the semester and the academic year. The central event is our “Probiv” (or “Breakthrough”) evangelistic outreach using the Gospel of John. Our students will hand out a student edition of the gospel to their colleagues and invite them to small groups evangelistic discussions.
  • Another focus of our meeting is our relationships. This has always been central but even more so now, when new people joined the team (Petyo and Violeta). We will discuss how we can be a better team that reflects God’s love and is a good witness in the student world.

Talk to you again later!

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