Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's a Small World We Live In

The other day we visited my sister and her family. We hadn't seen each other for quite some time, so we chatted about life and our recent trips. They wanted to know what my wife's first impressions of America were (we went there on a fundraising trip last February).

As we chatted, Vanya remembered to tell them about a Bulgarian woman from Varna we met at the Macy’s Store in Sunnyvale, California, while visiting some friends of ours. We told my sister and her husband that this woman had moved there 4-5 years ago with her husband and children, and that her husband worked for a Bulgarian businessman who has this software business. Then Toni (my sister’s husband) said: “I had a classmate who moved to America 4-5 years ago and went to California with her husband, and he had this kind of a job.” Then I told him that her name was Rositsa and it turned out that his classmate’s name is also Rositsa!

We couldn’t believe at first, but then he described her and it seems we’ve met the same woman. After all, the probability that two Rositsas (not a very popular name in Bulgaria) from Varna went to the same place in the same time is not very high…