Saturday, July 03, 2010

Communism is a crime against humanity

Just read two articles in Bulgarian newspapers about what has been done in other countries to help people know more about the true essence of communism. Poland, Hungary and Germany are ready, in spite of the opposition, to condemn this crime against humanity, and put it on equal footing with natism and fascism. Here in Bulgaria, the former agents of the secret services still get high pensions, have their own big houses and bank accounts in Switzerland. Even some of the members of the so called 'supreme court' are former communist functioneers. Not to mention the fact that only within a few years after 1944 30 000 Bulgarians have been murdered without any court decision. Still there are mass graves that are undiscovered, still our children don't study about communist crimes in the history textbooks, still we don't have a museum of the people who died in the communist holocaust. The communist party tries to present the 'socialist period' as a time of progress only. People are still blinded and slaves to this lie about the past. It's time somebody awoke them!

For those who speak Bulgarian, here are the links: