Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Impetus for Evangelism

In the last week I received two absolutely unexpected emails. One was by Lindsay Brown, Martin Haizmann and Richard Cunningham, coordinators of the University Evangelists network in IFES, inviting me to join the group of 30 university evangelists and get more involved with university evangelism across Europe. The other email was again sent by Lindsay to Nick Nedelchev, president of BEA, asking him whether there is still space for me to go to the Lausanne Congress within the Bulgarian delegation. And Nick said yes!

I had been invited to the latter a couple of months ago but was told that there are no vacancies for Europe. Now suddenly it seems that there is space, which is great. Lausanne has been a great source of articles on evangelism and to be there is nothing less than a privilege and opportunity to learn.

All this coincided with a renewed zeal in my heart regarding evangelism, discipleship, personal growth. I am often distracted by what I do for God and forget that more important is who I am in Him. A few months ago I decided to become more focused on what I am doing at universities - there is no time for wasting! And there is so much to be done! So many myths to be debunked, so many strongholds to be pulled down. It's good to know that I am not alone.