Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Our Anniversary

Yesterday Vanya and I had our 13 year wedding anniversary. It was great to remember all the blessings and changes we've seen for all this time. The BCSU grads group bought tickets for a movie theater for us but as it was just us, we couldn't see the movie! Yet, they returned the money to us so we bought some food, rented another film and watched it at home. It was nice!

Before that I (Trif) had an interesting experience. I had to go to a village nearby to take some papers for some friends of ours. Just when I headed out of Varna on the high way, I saw a hitchhiker. I stopped and invited the man in. He told me he was going to the same village and that was great as I wasn't sure which way to go exactly. Then he told me that he had just had an operation and they have amputeted two of his toes. He didn't have money for the bus (he had asked his son but he didn't help him which made him very sad; so he came to the end of the city on foot in order to hitchhike). He had also a big scar on his face as he had fallen and hurt himself (keeping your balance without your big toes is not an easy undertaking!).

I told him I was sorry for the fact that his son didn't care for him. Then I told him that often people whom we trust disappoint us. But there is someone who never does and that's God. I told him that he was mistreated by his son and that made him furious. God was also mistreated but the thing is that he gave his son to die for us when we were still sinners. He forgave us before we said we were sorry. Then the man said he thinks he should forgive his son. I told him to pray for him but first to ask God for forgivenes of his own sins. I also gave him one of our Breakthrough gospels of John. He was very thankful and even invited me to stay at his place!