Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Veliko Turnovo missions' week

It's March and it is mission time again!

From March 25 to 28 we are starting a mission’s week at Veliko Turnovo University. The overall theme is “How Come…?” (using a wordplay in Bulgarian with double meaning, the second being “where we come from, and where we are heading to?”). Lecture titles include “East of Eden: faith, myths and worldview of the Bulgarians”; “Where Is God In A World Of Suffering?”; The Word As An Expression Of The Spirituality Of A Nation”; “Are Not All Religions The Same Thing?”; “Should We Ge Rid Of Marriage?” (another wordplay in Bulgarian!); “Is There Life After Life?”; “Bulgarians Of Our Times: where do we come from and where are we heading to?”.

We have invited 7 great speakers (including university professors, a pastor, an Eastern-Orthodox founder of a foundation and conference speakers). Each of these days we will be having two events: an apologetic one in the morning at uni, and an evangelistic one in the evening in a café near university. There will be also music performers to warm-up before the evening messages.

The students will advertise with posters, handouts and picture boards (asking questions such as “Which picture describes best their emotional status/religion/God/their dreams?”). We hope that through this interactive way we will be able to chat with many students about Christianity and invite them to our events. The group is also planning to do some follow-up with those interested. There will be about 10 students from other BHSS groups who will come to help for part or all the mission.

Before that, on Sunday, I am going to give a practical training to the Veliko Turnovo student group on How to lead conversations, how to answer difficult questions about Christianity and other aspects of friendship evangelism. We will finish with a Grill a Christian event (myself being the one grilled).

A few days afterwards (April 3-15) I am heading to Yerevan, Armenia, where I will be helping at their mission’s week. I will give some training in Friendship evangelism and will speak on “The Price Of Success” at a cafe. I am looking forward to meeting with the Armenian students, as well!

Please, pray for:
  • good organisation and team work at both missions; in Yerevan there will be people from 4 countries working together for the gospel!
  • love to the lost, and stamina and joy for our students in sharing the good news with their colleagues
  • transformed minds and hearts as they hear the message of salvation of Jesus Christ
  • God’s protection for us and our families as we enter into these spiritual battles
Thanks for praying!