Friday, June 04, 2010

The Truth Behind the Humanitarian Fleet Incident

Sofia. The events having taking place after the attack on the fleet of Freedom "are undoubtedly a very successful propaganda of Islamist organizers, said in an interview for FOCUS News Agency Alex Alexiev, researcher at the Hudson Institute in Washington. "This has much more important consequences for the future of Turkey, the role of the western press and the growing convergence between European left and Islamism," said Alexiev. In his words - the fact that the fleet was organized by radical Islamists is so obvious that one can refuse to be seen only on purpose. "Much of it has been published by a major media, but let me give you some examples. The Turkish organization Fund for Humanitarian Aid (IHH), which sponsors these actions is not only Islamic, but actually sponsored terrorism and has links with Al Qaeda and Hamas. It is a member of Saudi funded Islamist group Union of Good, which is still about 50 other groups supporting Hamas', which is included in the list of international terrorist organizations. Union of sound is governed by well-known Salafist guru and supporter of suicide bombings Karadaui Yusuf al. In 1997 the Turkish government carried out raids in the offices of the Fund for Humanitarian Aid and found explosives, weapons, jihadist literature and a list of people who are recruited for jihad.