Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Visit to Taraklia University

On 3 May we visited the Taraklia University in the town ot Taraklia, south of Chisinau, Moldova. We had a great time with the students from the majors of "Bulgarian & Moldovian languages", "Bulgarian and English languages", "History", and "Social Work". I met Dimitar Romanov there (picture in front of the Moldova flag). His story is very interesting. His great-great-great grandfather had been brought to Moldova from Bulgaria by a Bulgarian refugee since his parents were killed by the Turks. They didn't know what surname to give him. At the same time the Russian king happened to be in Moldova and they brought the child to him. So, he gave him his own name, "Romanov". This is why Dimitar today bears the name "Romanov", although he is a descendant of Bulgarians.