Sunday, November 08, 2009

University Evangelists Conference

From 28.10 to 03.11 I was able to attend this great gathering of evangelists from all Europe. Like last year, main speaker was Michael Green. We had the privilege to listen to speakers such as Martin Haizmann, regional secretary for IFES in Europe, Richard Cunningham, national director for UCCF in UK, Stefan Gustavsson, former general secretary in Sweden and director of Credo Academy, and Lindsay Brown, IFES evangelist-at-large.

All participants had to prepare a talk and give it in their small group. I gave a message entitled "The Key to the Door". The main thrust was that there is only one key, Jesus Christ, to the numerous locked doors in our lives, like bad memories, big mistakes, broken relationships and sins in our lives. It was good to get new ideas for evanglistic topics, like speaking about the 20 year anniversary from the falling of the Berlin Wall and connecting that with the walls that separate us from each other and God, or using Beatles songs in evangelism.