Thursday, September 17, 2009

First School Day

This year our son Stefan became a first-grader. He had been very excited for a whole two weeks ahead of time. When we got his uniform for him he wouldn't take it off, although it was very hot and he was perspiring! On 15th of September however (first school day in Bulgaria) he was a little bit nervous. When Vanya left him with his new class and teacher he felt almost like crying. He was helding some boy's hand very tight all the time :). They gave them the textbooks, the teacher told them and the parents what the program for the week is and let them go.

At first I went to Monica's school to be with her but then went back to Stefan's school. Then we all with Stefan and Debi went back to a Moni's school to attend a meeting with Moni's teacher. In the evening we took the kids to a pizza place on the occasion. My mom also joined us.

Yesterday was the second school day and the first one when kids had real studying. When Stefan came back I asked him whether he liked it and whether he wanted to go again to school. He said: "I don't feel like going anymore..." Kids!