Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wage War on Pluralist Totalitarism

Recently we had our Parliamentary elections. A new party won and formed the new Cabinet. They are determined to deal with the shockingly-high corruption and crime, finish some important infrastructure projects and take a better care of the Bulgarians abroad. There are chances that the situation will improve since the socialists turned Bulgaria into a Russian satellite again and played hide and seek with mafia (so, people say, it can’t be worse than that). Yet, in spite of the possibility of improvement, there will be many who will be again disappointed. To us as Christians the solution is clear. Shall we be there for the people and offer Christ to them when they need him most desperately?

As for BHSS, my prayer is that we will continue the battle against the pluralist (and interestingly, totalitarian) strongholds at our universities which don’t tolerate any other opinion than their own and don’t let other voices to be heard at the public square. We must continue raising the profile of BHSS and the Church and at the same time fighting for our constitutional right to be able to express our beliefs in public at university. For now it is a state-in-the-state situation, with its anti-constitutional regulations banning religious activities on campus. It is a war that might well take a lifetime or more, but it is a war that is worth waging. May God be with us!