Sunday, August 02, 2009

Back in Varna!

Last night we came back from Sarafovo where we took part in the Nova valna (New Wave) youth camp. There were about 300 teenagers and youths there. It was good to hear some quite enthusing messages from the speakers and different worship bands from all over Bulgaria. We decided to stay at a friends' place in Burgas and travel each day to the venue (8 kms away from Burgas). The apartment though was on the other side of the city so we had to go through all of it and cover each day nearly 50 kms. We would leave early in the morning and get back late at night. So, both the kids and Vanya and I would get quite tired.

Still, we tried to make the most of it by meeting as many people as possible there. I was able to chat with some graduates I hadn't seen for ages, which is great. I met also a few pastors, some of them for the first time. We gave a seminar on "Breaking Down Strongholds". We were also "comendanti" or on duty for 24 hours, so we organised the Varna "Za1" group to serve on duty at the camp. It was a good experience. We were offered to help in the future so we are hoping that we can help make the camp even more effective and great place for youths.

On the way back we met a student selling post cards on behalf of a orphanage children's fund. I and a students' father (who is also Christian) started chatting with him about Christianity. He said he would never believe God because there are no proofs for his existence. We talked quite some time but all the time I felt like trying to break a wall with my head. Finally I decided to buy a card and suddently he started listening to my arguments. I told him a few verses (among them John 3:16, Hebrews 9:12 and others) and I pray that he would really check up our BHSS website!