Thursday, December 25, 2008

Today is Christmas. It is a GREAT DAY, the day when Christ, God's Son was born as a child. At church the pastor shared how painful it is for him to watch the people celebrating without knowing and believing in the 'reason for the season'. I have a few times felt the same. Last night the speaker on the central news was explaining why we need to cook an uneven number of dishes and that we need to leave some food for the souls of our departed relatives... Postmodern paganism is what I call this. It is almost repulsive, and yet, it is the world we live in.

This morning the kids got their presents. Found them under the Christmas tree, as usual. Moni liked very much her juggling balls, Debi - her Narnia discs, and Stefan - his interactive books.

The greatest news of the week is that some friends of ours will have twins, maybe even three kids! They already have a girl so it's going to be difficult. The good thing is that both of them like the idea of having twins. Other couples in our church are also expecting, so it seems to be a fruitful year, the year 2009.