Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It is the last day of 2008. Last week was a very peculiar one: we met with many people and had great time together. What was different this time was that we went to visit them rather than invite people home. It was nice and refreshing to see where some of the guys from church live. Last night we returned home quite late and put the kids in bed. Both of us thought couldn't fall asleep. So, at 4 we just got up, I went to my dissertation and Vanya - to the kitchen, to cook for today's New Year party... I went to bed at 6 and Vanya - at 7:30.

Today I watched the news on the TV. One particular piece of news drew my attention. The speaker announced that the year 2009 will be "one second longer" as the earth doesn't turn with the same speed round the sun. Wikipedia calls it 'leap second'. "A leap second is a one-second adjustment that keeps broadcast standards for time of day close to mean solar time." I had heard about this phenomenon. But what was funny was that the devoted whole 5 minutes to this fact. They interviewd a scientist from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, then people on the street... One question was: "What are you going to do during the leap second next year?" This is so pathetic! One woman answered: "One second is a lot of time, so I will see what I can do..." This modernistic and postmodernistic concern with time is so funny and at the same time so sad. Especially when we run after the seconds but forget about eternity.