Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What is the color of your heart?

Today I opened my facebook account and saw this question sent by one of my facebook friends. Other people had posted other exotic invitations and questions, like "Join the 'safe Bulgarian nature' group", "Join the anti-cancer group", "Do you have American accent?"... I had also several "smile requests", "tickle requests", "fluff friends invitations", "flowers", "mindjolt game invitations" (?!?), video invitations, etc.

To be honest, I am quite at a loss and perplexed by all these invitations. What I want is just to hear from some friends, to ask them something, to learn more about someone. There are some interesting pieces of information, unquestionably. Yet, most of it is just fragmented pieces of superficiality that bombards me and leaves me dumb and distracted from the important things in life.

This superficiality and fragmentality is evident from all the other invitations I get on the email to join this and that website, browser, group, web photo service, etc. I can now say something to a friend usuing either email, or skype, or facebook, or short messaging, but I have no time to go and see him in person. Actually, it is up to me whether I will make space in my life for real meetings with people. Especially in what I am doing, personal contact is so important. I don't believe in cyber discipleship. What about you?