Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The other day we came back from Liaskovets where we had our Leadership conference. God blessed us to have a very valuable time with manuscript study of 2 Timothy, to pray, praise and worship and share ideas about the semester. The student leaders (about 20 of them – see picture) were very active during the small group interaction and learned a lot from Paul’s experience of mentoring his friend Timothy. At the end we all shared ideas about what steps we could take in order to ‘pass down the baton’ of leadership and discipleship in our groups. In spite of the short time we were able to take a walk to the neighboring monastery, play funny games and just talk and get to know each other better.

Craig did an excellent job leading the study and summarizing their responses. He appealed to the students to guard the gospel and entrust it to faithful others so that in 4 years there is Christian witness at their campuses. It was also interesting to see that guarding the gospel involves suffering by definition. I was also encouraged to see some new students with а leadership potential who are willing to invest time in other people. Please, pray that they all will persevere, live out Paul’s example and make sure that Christ is preached even after their graduation.

On the way to the conference we had a staggering experience. The train had just left Varna when it suddenly stopped. It turned out that somebody had thrown himself on the tracks under the coming train… I went with some of the guys to see what was left of the poor guy, and it was a shocking sight. Then, as we celebrated with all the delegates at the conference the Day of liberation, 3 March, I told the students about that accident. I told them that that mutilated body, lying on the tracks, was like a metaphor of our ill society: disshapen by sin, tormented by materialism and egocentrism, desperate in its loneliness and pain. We prayed for Bulgaria and asked God to send us to speak out the truth and to share His love with the people.

So, we thank God for this time of renewal and encouragement and are looking forward to the semester that has just begun. Please, pray for the student groups to be able to run their Breakthrough initiatives and groups, so that they see lots of fruits and really entrust the gospel to new believers. Also, pray for Vania’s health, who is still not feeling OK. We had to buy new medicines after we came back as our doctor hadn’t prescribed the right ones... It’s been too long and painful for her.

So, once again, thanks for your prayers for BCSU and the conference. May God bless you and keep you to persevere and guard the gospel well!