Friday, November 10, 2006

Today is 10 November. On this date 17 years ago Bulgaria began the transition from totalitarian regime to democracy. A Bulgarian newspaper wrote an article today with the headline: "10 November became a Soup Opera: different versions of the actual historical truth kick each other in front of the door of history". It tells us how different parties try to suggest that they were the ones to bring about this historical event in Bulgaria, hoping for political dividents in the present.

Politicians do that, no wonder. But I was thinking, it's really hard to believe so many years have passed since that day. Today's students, for good or bad, remember nothing of the era of communism. I do, though. I had just come out of the barracks and become a student at the engeeering university in Varna. We couldn't believe when we heard the news that Todor Zhivkov had resigned (the pic above shows his reaction when the Communist party officials 'announced' in front of TV cameras his resignation). Today I thank God for this day that ushered a new era in my country and my life. Bulgarian version of democracy has for sure lots of shortcomings. Yet, the freedom to believe in God surpasses them all!