Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Don't worry, we don't teach religion!

The other day I attended a 'parents meeting' at Debi's school. It was one of those regular meetings with parents that teachers have in the beginning of every semester. Among other things that the teacher announced to us was a trip the class were going to take to the cathedral in the city. She said that wasn't going to be a religious class. The goal was for the children to learn more about the building as it is an emblematic sightseeing for the city of Varna. She added that we, the parents, should not worry about it and think that 'our children will be attending a religious class'. Religion is banned by law from Bulgarian schools and universities. It is ridiculous that the 'mother of all sciencies' is now 'persona non grata' in Bulgarian education system. Besides, people are against 'religion' though they respect Christian values. These are some of the consequences of 50 years of communism and 15 years of 'political correctness' in Bulgaria. I hope I will be able to talk with this teacher and with some of the parents about it when appropriate, though!