Thursday, September 21, 2006

School year began in Bulgaria

Then we had to prepare for the beginning of the academicy year and the staff meeting. We also had to prepare Debi and Moni for school which starts Sep15 in Bulgaria (see pic). Moni is a first grader and likes going to school better than kindergarten. Still, it is much more difficult for her to work so long in the morning and then at home, writing homework. Debi also has a lot of homework. No wonder they both feel like going to bed earlier now! : ) Stefan is still free and enjoys life and his (comparative) freedome at the kindy : ) His new passion are swords (Narnia influence?). He loves to fight with a sword against his poor daddy : )

Vania’s been pretty busy with the girls. She also started preparation for the new semester. The students are still working or away but soon they are resuming regular meetings.
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