Thursday, September 21, 2006

Meeting with Tim Vickers and going to the Dobrich zoo

It’s been some time since I last wrote. The summer is gone and our team meeting is starting tonight. But let me tell you what happened the last month or so.

In the last couple of days of August we had a visitor. Tim Vickers, director of the work with graduates in IFES came to visit us. We had planned for him to speak at a national gathering but due to difficulties in the organisation we had to change our plans and do 2 local events. He spoke in both Shumen and Varna, there were altogeter about 30 people. God uses Tim in a great way to encrourage and envision people to run grads groups and help student movements all over Europe. So, I am thankful for the fact he managed to come! We also spent some hours taking a walk in the sea garden and even sat at a cafe built straight on the beach.

In the beginning of this September we had a short holiday. Vania and I decided that if we wanted to take a rest we should go away rather than stay in Varna. So, we did two interesting trips for a day or so. First, we went to Dobrich, a town 50 kms away from Varna. There we had a great time at the local zoo. The children played with goats, lambs, a deer, ducks and other birds. The best part though were the ponies. We (the kids plus Trif) had a lot of pictures taken at us with the animals and even rode one of the ponies (see pic)! And all this completely free! If you happen to come to Eastern Bulgaria, don’t miss the zoo in Dobrich!
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