Saturday, August 19, 2006

Summer Project 2006

It’s been some time after we got home from the Summer Project 2006. So, I wanted to let you know about how it went and to thank you for your prayers.

The project was great. 7 American, 7 English and more than 30 Bulgarian students spent 10 days in beautiful Sozopol. About 20 of the Bulgarians were non-Christians. Almost all of them participated in all the elements of the program – in the evangelistic small groups, English classes, games, trips, sports events, culture evinings… They also liked the two expositions on “The Point” given by Craig about what is the point of life.

After the project was over some cried, sad to leave. Others said that the only bad thing about the project was that it lasted only 10 days. Ellie, who came for a second time this year, said in the feedback she would go to the same kind of project 100 more times, if she could… : ) Many wrote they would like to join our Bible study group in the city they study. So, we keep on praying for them. Please, pray with us especially for Katia, Ivan, Viktor, Plamen, Borislava, Nasko and Eli!

Craig, who was directing the project did a great job and we thank God for his hard work and creative approaches.

We stayed at a hotel not far away from the beach. The agent we worked with was not very cooperative, though. We had lots of meetings to make them help us with the many problems we had with the venue. We thank God that in spite of all the difficulties the Gospel was preached at the people who came and we were able to finish the whole thing well. During all this time it was a great relief to know that there were people who pray for us. Thank you for partnering with us for the work in Bulgaria!
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