Thursday, June 11, 2015

What is New Life Church Varna for you?

We asked this question to some of the people who come regularly to church at New Life. Here are their answers:

         “New Life Church Varna is a home for me. A home and a family. A save haven in a foreign land.” 
         “New Life helps me get cleansed and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.” 
         “New Life encourages me, fills me up with faith, trust and will for a change.” 
         “You are all so friendly, I felt loved and accepted.” 
         “The sermon was very powerful…” 
         “In this church I understand everything that is being said from the pulpit. Good teaching!"
         “I like the fact that you pray for each other at your service.”
         "New Life is an opportunity for me to meet real Christians, to listen to God’s Word and grow spiritually. It encourages me to seek the way to God and salvation." 

Those who come to us at New Life feel grateful and blessed to be a member of this tiny part of the Body of Christ in Varna. We trust that many others will overcome fear, doubt, suspicion and prejudices and will be set free by God's love and truth. 

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