Thursday, September 08, 2011

Ден на национален траур/ National Day of Mourning.

Какво се случи на 9 септември 1944 / What happened on 9th of September, 1944

Third Ukrainian Front of the Red Army occupies Bulgaria on that day. More than 30,000 Bulgarian intellectuals, businessmen, politicians, officers, priests and pastors are murdered without law suits; multiparty system is destroyed and the Communist Party establishes totalitarian rule of Soviet type; land and property is confiscated; thousands opponents of the regime are sent to concentration camps; Bulgaria is treated as a losing country and has to pay reparations in spite of the fact that 35,000 Bulgarian soldiers die fighting side by side with the Russians. Bulgaria loses its national independence and nearly becomes the 16th Russian Republic.

We will never forget but we are to forgive. God bless Bulgaria!