Friday, December 11, 2009

Are Bulgarians Good Samaritans?

A poll done recently in Bulgaria showed that 52 percent of the people have done at least one act of charity in the last year. So, most of us, it seems, are willing to give away money. Yet, less than 10 percent have participated in volunteer actions organised by charities, churches and NGOs. It is perhaps easy to explain with our communist past - there is really no culture of volunteering in Bulgaria. At the same time, we have witnessed many times how students and young people in general are enthused after they have done something good for the others. Recently we painted the wall of our church, cleaned a courtyard of an apartment block and painted a kindergarten playground. Every time the guys who took part in these 'projects' really felt great. Hopefully, we will be able to have another social activity at our Summer Project 2010 near Kazanlak and why not, get some non-Christian students involved in that, too!