Friday, June 19, 2009

From 9-12 June we had our staff meeting in veliko Turnovo. It was good to slow down the pace and take some time to study the Word together. Besides us there was one more guy at the meeting - Igors from Latvia, who is a 'contact person' of IFES for Bulgaria and 3 more countries. We had good time talking about Latvia and Bulgaria, and how little countries like ours have suffered because of the policies of the 'great powers.' Igors spoke on Philippians 1. The second day I led a manuscript study on Phil. 2, and the third day Craig did the same with Phil. 3. The study was great. I liked especially the second day since I hadn't lead a bible study with the team for a long time. All were enthusiastic and we drew a lot from the text.

We also took quite some time to pray for each other. We had a special farewell evening dedicated to Craig and Tanya, since this was our last meeting before they leave on August 1. We remembered many things from the past, thanked God for them and gave them tribute for what they are for us.

Of course, we also planned the year ahead. We decided to postpone the Summer Project Reunion for Summer 2011 since Craig and Tanya, and Tim and Lydia would not be with us in 2010. We planned for the National Conference, the Summer Projects and other events.