Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The other day we came back home from a short trip to Karlovo. We attended the wedding of Vania's brother there, it was great to see some of our relatives (and meet with new ones) and friends. On the way to Karlovo and back home we were able to visit a few sites that we plan to visit during the summer project.
Today was the operation of Stefan' tonsils. It went well. Stefcho is back home now and eating ice-cream. He was supposed to have all his tonsils taken out but they took out only 1. The doctor seemed to have changed her mind but she insisted that was what we had agreed on. Then we realised they had been waiting for another boy called Stefan who apparently didn't turn in, so we figure they have mistakenly taken our Stefan for that one. We pray that it was God's will for this to happen (I thought such things happen only in jokes about doctors), it seems so strange... Anyway, thanks for your prayers!