Friday, April 04, 2008

Haven't written for a long time. Life after returning back from America was really hectic. In the three weeks before the European Evangelism Conference I had to make sure we were done with the DVD project. So, I spent long hours with Mariyan and Rossen until finally we had the first master copy of the DVD.
Then, the company that was supposed to print the DVDs was really a disappointment. The printing was so bad and blurred that we just told them we wanted our money and DVDs back. Praise God, they agreed. We tried to print a copy at the church printer and it worked pretty well, though the printer didn't have one of the colors. Actually, the picture became even nicer and trendy like that. So, I got a few people to copy the DVDs and then print them at the church. Thus we were able to take the first 160 copies to the conference. Besides, we made Top Spot T-shirts for the Bulgarian team there. After we got back from the conference we finished the rest of the work and sent out all the DVDs and T-shirts to the groups. We hope that they will really help our students share the gospel effectively. Each DVD contains 7 videos presenting different aspects of the good news or of our work, plus 2 Christian songs videoclips and a Computer Bible program. It opens with a nice menu and you can choose what to watch. It's a great tool and we pray that many students are able to see it.